Quality Deep Dive Workshop

February, 2022

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Workshop Objectives

Participants graduate with a deep understanding of quality management for high-tech systems development and an action plan to successfully implement lessons in their organization for immediate impact. The workshop experience will:

  • Provide a modern way to think about the quality of the products you produce and the system development processes you use to develop them.
  • Destroy myths that are so popular that you might believe them.
  • Show how to manage quality so you will know what data to collect and how to use it.
  • Manage quality so you can produce products you are proud of that delight your end-users.
  • Ensure each quality step is focused on the economics of quality and speed to value for your customers.
  • Provide positive impacts to your organizational quality, speed, and customer loyalty.

Deep Dives are powerful learning experiences for those who strive to create world-class systems and high-performance engineering teams.


Typical attendees in this program are individual developers or leaders who need to more fully understand and gain mastery of quality. Participants should have the ability to be able to immediately apply what they to learn to their organization.

Duration and Cadence

  • The workshop runs over a five-week period with two sessions per week that are two hours each. The cadence will be tailored to best fit participants’ schedules.
  • There will be assignments between sessions where participants will work directly in their organization to immediately apply the learnings.

Typical Results

Graduates of this workshop have achieved great results in improving quality.
Examples include:

  • Improved customer loyalty due to quality of deliverables
  • Improved employee retention and attraction due to pride in the quality of results being delivered
  • Improved control over project timelines
  • Ability to finish projects with confidence and style with high-quality, high-performance solutions

Design Principles

Why do Exceptional Difference Experiences produce great results? We have done years of research on both the best practices of engineering and the best practices of how to change behavior that leads to lasting results.

Our training is based on six design principles

  • All about engineering
  • Active on-the-job learning
  • Deep learning over extended time
  • Expert coaching tailored for individuals
  • Useful and used
  • Designed for the driven

Course Dates:

  • Optional Warm-Up Session: Dec. 16, 2021
  • Kickoff session:
    January 20, 2022
  • Subsequent Sessions: Twice weekly for five weeks.

Course Fees:

  • Regular $6,000
  • SEA Members deduct 5%
  • Group discounts for 5+

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