About the Alliance

Who We Are


The Software Excellence Alliance is an international network of professionals who share a passion for software development and a commitment to excellence in our practices.


We provide a forum for networking, exchanging viewpoints, and sharing ideas and techniques for achieving high-quality customer-pleasing results, while advancing the state of our collective practice.

What We Believe


We believe that the future depends upon software excellence, because software is a critical technology that is continuously and pervasively transforming our world.


We believe that there are enormous opportunities to continuously improve the state of the software engineering practice, enabling developers to produce more valuable software of higher quality, in less time, and at less cost.


We believe that software excellence results from the motivated work of skilled and empowered software professionals applying effective principles and practices, both as individuals and in collaboration within and across teams and specialties.


We believe that achieving software excellence requires competent leadership, training, coaching, team-building, and support.


We believe that the best way to improve the state of the practice is to embrace and build upon empirically-proven principles and practices, while welcoming and evaluating new ideas.

What We Do


We establish and support purpose-driven working groups with explicit short-term goals to:

  • Advance the state of the practice
  • Promote our Alliance and its beliefs, principles, and practices
  • Build and tie the community together

We hold virtual monthly meetings to:

  • Share knowledge about and experiences with best practices
  • Update our community on Alliance activities and progress

We hold an annual in-person symposium to:

  • Organize and build a sense of community
  • Exchange knowledge and best practices
  • Collaborate on and launch plans for the upcoming year

We publish content and curate a repository of resources, including:

  • Webinars and presentations
  • Training materials
  • Standards and techniques
  • Project planning and tracking tools
  • White papers, analyses, documents, and other resources produced by our working groups

We maintain a technical infrastructure to:

  • Support working groups
  • Facilitate communications
  • Ensure that the Alliance embodies the principles we advocate
  • Govern with transparency

Member Benefits


As a member of the Software Excellence Alliance, you will have access to people and resources that can help you to:

  • Build higher quality software
  • Acquire better software
  • Influence / improve software engineering education
  • Improve your ability to consult / contract with high-tech organizations
  • Access materials for training and professional development
  • Participate in learning forums
  • Access tangible resources (methodologies, templates, forms, data, tools, etc.) for improving the state of the practice and achieving software excellence
  • Interact and network with like-minded individuals
  • Present your work / success stories at SEA community meetings and other events
  • Participate in a community of mastery
  • Enjoy discounts on products / services offered by Alliance members

The Software Excellence Alliance is a community of practice that unites individuals who share a commitment to improving the world of software engineering. We invite like-minded individuals to join us in the passionate pursuit of software excellence, to contribute and profit from the experience of our community members, and to collaborate in building a road towards the consistent production of flawless and secure software.

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The SEA working groups are short-term teams formed to address specific needs, problems, or issues. The various working groups are the primary mechanism(s) by which the SEA accomplishes real results, through setting measurable goals and tracking progress towards meeting defined milestones.

Join a working group today to become actively involved in advancing the cause of software excellence. 

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