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Active Working Groups

SEA working groups are short-term teams formed to address specific needs, problems, or issues. The various working groups are the primary mechanism(s) by which the SEA accomplishes real results, through setting measurable goals and tracking progress towards meeting defined milestones.

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Join a Working Group

Completed Working Groups

Working Group Training

Purpose: Foster the effective collaboration of working group members in our alliance. Proposed Near-Term Goals: Develop working group training for...

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New Content Creation

Purpose: To innovate new ideas, or refresh old good ideas, to promote excellence in the creation of software. Example Activities/Goals/Outputs:...

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SEA Certification

Purpose: Create plans for the transition of historical PSP/TSP certification programs from the SEI to the SEA. Participants: Marsha Pomeroy-Huff...

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Membership & Networking

Purpose: To identify and recruit new members for the SEA community, and to establish channels for SEA to network with other groups that are...

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Purpose: To create a look and feel for SEA materials that is compatible with the SEA credo.   Proposed Near-term Goals: SEA Logo  SEA PowerPoint...

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Contact & Awareness

Purpose: Passionate expansion of our CoP "up and out" to acquire impact and longevity, through awareness of our contribution to great (software)...

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TSP℠ Adoption Root Causes

Purpose: Interview organizations that are still using TSP℠, those that are no longer using TSP,  and those that never started. The purpose is to...

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Purpose: Maintain, improve, and extend the SEA website Proposed Near-term Goals:  Top interest: curate resources on the website, especially course...

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TSP℠ Decomposition

Purpose: Break TSP℠ apart into a set of distinct practices and behaviors, to inform the development of incremental introduction strategies, new...

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