Schedules are So 20th Century! Leveraging the TSP and Agile Disconnect

The Tech Talk for the SEA October 2020 meeting is “Schedules are So 20th Century! Leveraging the TSP and Agile Disconnect,” presented by David Webb.

There will be a short update of SEA activities immediately following the presentation. Everyone is welcome to participate. This event is FREE and open to the public.

8 October 2020 1:00-2:00 PM

About this Tech Talk

The Team Software Process (TSP) and Scrum are similar in so many ways. They are both dedicated to delivering value to the customer, using historical data for planning, developing iteratively, building in quality, practicing continuous process improvement, and much more. Despite these similarities, the TSP concentrates intently on schedule performance, with tools, measures, and practices laser-focused on creating and meeting a defined schedule. On the other hand, Scrum considers schedule prediction to be a waste of valuable time that could be spent delivering value. This presentation will explore why this fundamental disconnect exists, when to focus on schedule, and (just as importantly) when not to. The presentation will conclude with recommendations on employing Scrum techniques for TSP teams as well as TSP methods that can help out with Scrum projects.

SEA Members, the meeting URL is in your calendar invitation no need to register.

About the Speaker
David R. Webb is a Senior Operations Program Analyst at Kihomac, Inc. He is currently working as an Agile coach to improve the engineering processes of the A-10 Operational Flight Program team in the 309th Software Engineering Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Prior to this assignment, Dave worked as a government project management and process improvement specialist with 309 SWEG. He has over 33 years of technical, program management, and process improvement experience on Air Force software. Dave is a certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Agilist. Previously, he was authorized by the Software Engineering Institute as an instructor for the Personal Software Process, as well as a Team Software Process coach. He has worked as an Air Force manager, SEPG member, systems software engineer and test engineer. He is a frequent contributor to technical journals and symposiums, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University.

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