SEA 2021 Virtual Summit

February, 2021

In place of the Tech Talk for February, the SEA conducted our annual summit as a virtual event.


Software Excellence Alliance professionals from around the world celebrated our accomplishments from 2020 and set our Alliance’s 2021 direction for changing the world of software engineering.

Summit Outputs:

  • Report of 2020 accomplishments
  • Seated executive team for 2021
  • Set of 2021 goals and objectives
  • Prioritized working groups with members and chairs
  • Updated roles and role assignments

Summit Objectives:

  • Members FEEL re-energized about the mission
  • Members BELIEVE the Alliance is needed and provides value
  • Members are motivated to PARTICIPATE in the Alliance by taking on a leadership role or being part of a working group
  • We conduct a fun and engaging event that everyone REMEMBERS

Past Presentations

SAFe vs. Reality: How Will We Solve the Conflict?

The June 2021 tech talk was presented by Francisco Javier Ruvalcaba MoyaAbstract:“SAFe is the new standard in the software industry; you must code faster.” “You already implemented SAFe, so why are you delaying the release?” Multiple questions appear when SAFe is...

How Owning My Data Leveled Up My Life

The May 2021 Tech Talk was presented by Alex PowellAbstract:People are often pressured to deliver a plan in line with schedules created by inaccurate estimates. As we know, this leads to products that under-deliver and are over-budget. Applying solid methodologies,...

Why Is It So Hard to Do Easy Stuff?

The April 2021 tech talk was presented by Gerardo LopezAbstract:Software technology is huge and seems complex, but it really isn’t: every technology is just an enormous bunch of small pieces (each only a few characters long). It is impossible for anyone to understand...

Putting the “Sec” in DevSecOps… Quantified

The March 2021 tech talk was presented by Larry MaccheroneAbstract:A guiding principle of Comcast Cybersecurity is that we are no longer gatekeepers, but rather coaches and toolsmiths. Another, is that we favor building security in over bolting it on. Together, what...

Next-Gen Tools to Accelerate Individual and Team Performance

The December 2020 tech talk was presented by David TumaAbstract: Effective tools can help teams accelerate delivery, improve quality, deliver on their commitments, and reach new levels of performance. This is especially true for high-maturity Agile software...

The End of a Myth, Programmer Productivity

The September 2020 Tech Talk was presented by Dr. Bill Nichols Abstract:One often-quoted truism in software engineering is that good programmers are "much much better" than bad programmers. The size of "much much better" is widely debated, but ranges such as 10 times...

How to Manage $30M and 150 Projects in 90 Minutes

The August 2020 Tech Talk was presented by Brad HodginsAbstract:This presentation describes a solution implemented by the Performance Resource Team (PRT) to help a customer manage $30M+ across 150+ projects and required project leads to attend only one 90-minute...

Results of Applying Methods for Software Excellence – The Long View

The June 2020 Tech Talk was presented by Stephen Shook Abstract:Today’s software industry could be characterized as one where software organizations come and go, technology workers change employers every few years, and corporate initiatives are transient. By contrast,...

A Framework for Software Development Excellence

The May 2020 Tech Talk was presented by Darryl Davis Abstract:We describe a broad and unifying framework of the most important traits, principles, and practice areas supporting the achievement of software development excellence. For software development excellence, we...

7 Essential Elements to Lead With Speed

The April 2020 tech talk was presented by Alan Willett Abstract:One of the most important questions a leader can ask themselves is: “How do I get my teams, my organization to move faster?” That is the challenge that all leaders face. This challenge grows more intense...

Process Dashboard Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

The March 2020 tech talk was presented by David TumaAbstract:The Process Dashboard is an open-source project management tool that supports high-maturity agile behaviors for planning, tracking, forecasting, and quality. It supports individuals and teams of diverse...

Agile Software Development

The February 2020 tech talk was a panel presentation by Darryl Davis, David Webb, and Scott PavettiAbstract:The goal of this talk is to better understand Agile teams’ strengths and problems so that we can better identify practices that can aid them the most. Darryl...

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