Community Networking & Membership

Purpose: Support the passionate expansion of our alliance through growth and outreach.  Cultivate a strategy for outreach and growth through networking with other organizations and through social media

Proposed Near-term Goals: 

  • Lead an ongoing membership drive, including reaching out to SPINs and other like-minded groups
  • Identify categories of participation in the SEA (attendee, notified/mailing list, member, corporate)
  • Create and publish a membership directory, and a process for keeping it up-to-date
  • Assist new members to engage with the community
  • Survey inactive members to identify unmet needs and priorities
  • Extend our outreach to the larger software development community 
  • Build marketing gravity around our alliance as a focal point for software excellence
  • Publicize alliance activities, share resources, and demonstrate thought leadership
  • Utilize a variety of social media channels

Participants: Jeff Schwalb (Leader), Eduardo Cerda, Fernando Jaimes, Berta Valdez, Brad Hodgins

Useful Links:

Shared Documents (Google Drive)

Meeting Minutes

Web Forum (Google Group)

2020 Year End Report


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