Purpose: Maintain, improve, and extend the SEA website

Proposed Near-term Goals: 

  • Top interest: curate resources on the website, especially course materials, reading materials, processes, etc. (including output of the working groups, e.g., templates, logos, principles, etc.)
  • Establish operating procedures for the alliance website, and create mechanisms for continuous review and renewal
  • Keep the information on the website up-to-date and add functionality as needed
  • Better integrate the Google Drive and website
  • Update Wikipedia articles on PSP, TSP, etc. to be accurate and to point to the SEA website

Participants: David Stein(Leader), Julia Mullaney, Marsha Pomeroy-Huff

Useful Links:

Shared Documents (Google Drive)

Meeting Minutes

Web Forum (Google Group)

2020 Year End Report

Join a Working Group

Join a Working Group

Active Working Groups

Completed Working Groups


Purpose: To create a look and feel for SEA...

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