TSP℠ Decomposition

Purpose: Break TSP℠ apart into a set of distinct practices and behaviors, to inform the development of incremental introduction strategies, new training materials, and next-generation tools.

Proposed Near-term Goals:

  • Refinement of the standalone solutions list
  • Grow our awareness of agile practices. Work to align TSP solutions with those practices and with the needs of agile teams
  • Focus on implementation: flesh out solutions and make them usable for implementation (training, tooling, etc).
  • Pilot our solution implementations
  • Identify “solution bundles” for common target audiences

    Brad Hodgins (lead), Eric Scrivner, Darryl Davis, David Webb, David Tuma, Jim Over, Dan Wall, Augustin De La Maza, Scott Pavetti


℠ Personal Software Process, PSP, Team Software Process, and TSP are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University. The Software Excellence Alliance is not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.

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