Membership & Networking

Purpose: To identify and recruit new members for the SEA community, and to establish channels for SEA to network with other groups that are interested in software excellence / best practices (SPINs, Agile community, etc.)

Proposed Near-term Goals: 

Grow membership to 40-60 persons by end of 2020

  • Define the membership population and collect demographics on members (including multi-discipline & millennials)
  • Create a membership list with members’ areas of expertise, demographics, and email contact info
  • Increase active members (involvement) by 50%
  • Conduct a membership needs survey and generate prioritized list (of needs)
  • Reach out to SPINs and others as an opportunity for growth; potentially offer to help with SPIN coordination

Participants: Marsha Pomeroy-Huff (lead), Julia Mullaney, Alan Willett, Héctor Joel González Santos

Useful Links:

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