TSP℠ Adoption Root Causes

Purpose: Interview organizations that are still using TSP℠, those that are no longer using TSP,  and those that never started. The purpose is to better understand “Why?” for each of these cases. If we better understand the “why?” this will better position our community for our future development of the materials as well as the messaging of the work that we do.

Participants: Alan Willett (Leader), Olivia Barrón, Steve Shook, Fernando Jaimes Pastrana, Gerardo Lopez, David Stein

Useful Links:

Final Report
Shared Documents (Google Drive)
Status Tracking Spreadsheet
Web Forum (Google Group)  

℠ Personal Software Process, PSP, Team Software Process, and TSP are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University. The Software Excellence Alliance is not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.

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